Architecture is as capable of great design and bold ideas as it is susceptible to forms of oppression. These - ranging from classism, racism. and more - discourage collaboration and diversity in design.


Designing in Color (DCo), a collaborative platform created by five students and young professionals from the University of Michigan and Temple, is a think tank and distributive digital initiative aimed at challenging forms of oppression in architecture education and practice, defined by systems of socioeconomic class, racism, and patriarchy. These systems discourage substantive collaboration from a diverse set of designers.


Our discourse aims to train young designers, students, and practicing architects  to challenge structures of power that restrict their ability to express their creativity. Once these oppressive structures are identified, the platform encourages the creation of content that positively distributes ideas that do not perpetuate disruptive ideologies. Our platform is a resource compendium which not only develops more engaged architects but also facilitates the unique and cultured environments minority identities help build.

Young professionals are encouraged to identify structures of power

that inhibit their creative practices in spaces where design or socially engaged activity occurs.

Architecture is a collaborative process that includes a variety of problem-solving. DCo enables students and professionals to work together through group workshops to spark ideas and possible solutions to a multitude of issues. 

Ideas are valuable moments of a number of possibilities. The creation 

of content through different kinds of mediums helps to ensure that the proposed work reaches a wide range of people. DCo seeks to distribute content via film across the country and globe. 

about us the collaborators 

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