Who Are We //

Christopher Locke

Spatial and social constructs of identity are intertwined into one relationship; DC is a provocative thesis attempting to unwind the complexities of this dynamic. As a first generation student for the last 6 years, architecture is not just a means of creation but a method of reconstructing the representation of people of color and other oppressed identities. Always soar high like a hawk. 

Opalia Meade

Culture, fairness  and creative expression are areas of which I draw my pride. Design holds the power to shape one's experience while also being a physical representation of all three. In a world where identity is essential to living, suppressing identities anywhere in the creative process is like taking a lion out of its habitat. And like a lion, I always travel with and defend my pride.

Rubin Quarcoopome

Design's a constant reminder that all of us share a common affinity towards beauty. Throughout my life, from Ghana to Ann Arbor, this has proved true. DC shines a light on the marginalized design lovers, my hood. And like a turtle, I've always got my hood on my back.

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