Designing in Color (DCo) is a collaborative platform organized by young architects and designers located in Los Angeles, Boston, and Seattle. Its intent is to challenge the established rhetoric of architecture and design. DCo seeks to encourage professionals of color and students to thrive in environments that discourage their substantial multicultural creativity.

DCo's approach is to create workshops, think tanks, and various digital initiatives meant to challenge systems of oppression in architecture.


Identifying the oppression is merely the first step. The next is the creation of content meant to combat these negative ideologies. Our platform compiles this content with the hope of inspiring positive change in the field of design.





Young professionals are encouraged to identify structures of power

that inhibit their creative practices in spaces where design or socially engaged activity occurs.








Architecture is a collaborative process that includes a variety of problem-solving. DCo enables students and professionals to work together through group workshops to spark ideas and possible solutions to a multitude of issues. 








Ideas are valuable moments of a number of possibilities. The creation 

of content through different kinds of mediums helps to ensure that the proposed work reaches a wide range of people. DCo seeks to distribute content via film across the country and globe. 



Christopher is a designer at ZGF Architects where he is currently working on renovation of a mid-century modern building on the Cal-State LA Campus. In addition to his role as a designer, Christopher co-coordinates the office’s Diversity Inclusion Advocacy Group (DIAG), which aims to create impact and change for the office work environment. For SoCal NOMA, he video-documents the chapter’s work and has helped plan the most recent NOMA Summer camp. In Los Angeles, he is actively studying the homelessness crisis by designing concepts for accessory dwelling units and was recently a speaker at the AIA Design for Dignity Conference about the city’s housing crisis.

Opalia is a designer at DREAM Collaborative where she is currently working on multi-family residential homes, as well as interior apartment fit-outs for MIT in Cambridge, MA. In addition to her work as a designer, Opalia’s passions lie in curating spaces of inclusion for minority individuals to collaborate, grow, and enjoy themselves. She is also an avid traveler and is looking forward to her next cultural exchange.

Rubin is a junior architectural designer at the design COLLECTIVE, designing movie theaters around the States. He is currently working on a major renovation of a local Seattle theater for the largest theater chain in the country. In addition to architecture work at the company, he also manages the company website, Instagram, and social events. In what little spare time he has, Rubin pursues an active art and photography business, selling his works online every week.


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