workshop #1 - "Disrupt the Proceedings"

NOMA National Conference - Los Angeles - 10/14/2016

The workshop provides a space for young professionals and students with similar backgrounds to engage in discussion on oppression and awareness within the field while also giving participants collaborative tools on how best to bring their diverse perspective into the design sphere. Students and young professionals will become familiar with the platform developed by Designing in Color that aims to provide a physical space and online forum for people to access information and resources about advocacy against discrimination within architecture.

Engaging the Space - Topics from the Workshop:

Representation - Currently in architecture and related fields, there is a dearth of media and popular representation of work that reflects the diversity and creativity of minority designers. What causes this minimalistic and biased view of minority owned businesses in the industry? This discussion will challenge participants to immerse themselves in dialogue that critiques how architects from all different sectors of work are viewed by the public and industry.


Censorship - While there is a multiplicity to the creative endeavors of designers, this complexity involves many stakeholders who affect the direction of any given project. This inevitable condition can negatively affect the outcome of projects, their representation in product and the people who use them. This is not exclusive to practice but in fact a troubling issue in education which often times does not prioritize social constructs and culture in studio practices. How do we create cohesive environments for all kinds of work in our field?


Opportunity - Designers who identify themselves from minority backgrounds have a diverse background of experience and knowledge. This unique advantage creates a body of people who can create provocative and industry altering work. What are alternative areas where this work can be done and how do we collaborate on them?

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